Collection: Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint

Discover the beloved Matisse Structure Formula, a luxurious impasto paint cherished by artists. Matisse Structure Formula paint offers an ideal canvas for your brush or palette knife, enabling you to craft captivating textured effects. Alternatively, explore its remarkable versatility when paired with the diverse Matisse Mediums range for impeccable control over application and finishes.

Embrace the brilliance of the Structure Formula paints, boasting intense, vibrant hues that span the entire color spectrum, including distinctive Australian shades.

Our commitment to excellence shines through in the meticulous selection of the finest-grade pigments and ingredients that grace the Matisse line of premium acrylic colors. Every product earns an impressive lightfastness rating of ASTM I or II, ensuring archival quality. You can embark on your creative journey with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your artwork will endure the test of time.